Every Building Starts With an Architectural Design

We've partnered with a Midland, TX architect to design houses and commercial facilities

Commercial and residential construction projects require sketches, blueprints and elevation drawings, to name just three types of architectural designs. If you don't have the documents you need, turn to Lane Construction in Midland, Texas.

Our architect can also produce 3D renderings of the building, so you can see what it will look like when we're finished. Call 432-241-7673 now to request architectural designs for your project.

Residential Construction Services

Why should you hire a full-service construction company?

Construction projects are typically completed in phases. Although you could certainly rely on multiple contractors, a full-service construction company can do everything for you - and possibly save you time and money in the process.

You can hire our team in Midland, TX to:

  • Purchase the land for your new home or commercial facility, if needed
  • Do the dirt work required to make the land ready to build on
  • Assemble the structure, then build out the interior
Reach out today to request service anywhere in the Permian Basin area.

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